A brand new menu for Mare Culturale Urbano
Briefing: project and design a new hand-drawn menu for Mare Culturale Urbano's Restaurant and Pizzeria. The menu has to be printed in house to keep low costs and to be able to change and refresh pages in minutes.
My proposals: Clipboard menu / a grid page template / a grid wall menu / t-shirts and postcards
Here's a brand new set of illustration for each menu's dish
Here is the menu pages' thumbnails
What the clipboard menu and the wall menu look like. 
The instagram profile and instagram menu i designed


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Books and graphic novels I drew for different publishing houses

Mamma, the graphic journalism magazine I directed for a couple of years

about me

Sono Visual Designer e Art Director di Studio Shamun.

Mi sono formato su settimanali e quotidiani pubblicando principalmente strip satiriche e pagine di giornalismo a fumetti. Ho diretto la rivista “Mamma! – se ci leggi è giornalismo, se ci quereli è satira”, ho pubblicato alcune graphic novel, illustrato alcuni libri e libelli per l’infanzia. Lavoro anche come illustratore freelance e sono orgogliosamente rappresentato da Illo Agency sul mercato internazionale.


I am Visual Designer and Art Director at Studio Shamun.

I trained on weekly and daily newspapers publishing mostly comic strips and graphic journalism pages. I directed the magazine “Mamma! – se ci leggi è giornalismo, se ci quereli è satira”, I published some graphic novels, illustrated some children books and pamphlets. I work as a freelance illustrator and I am proudly represented by Illo Agency on the international market.